Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Humanism by Numbers: Free Schools - Freedom to Indoctrinate?

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I am a big fan of infographics and think they can be an excellent way of communicating an issue. Over breakfast this morning I had a quick and dirty crack at the recent story about the Creationist Free School which has been given the go-ahead.

I'm broadly pleased with this, because even though the design isn't aesthetically perfect, I think it communicates the information reasonably well. It covers what a free schools is; explains that it matters because the number of free schools is increasing and a large proportion of them are faith schools; and how Gove's promise last year has been undermined by his approval of the Everyday Champions school.

The "wedge" bit at the end is in reference to the other creationist story at the moment, that of Giant's Causeway controversy where the "Wedge Strategy" is currently seen as the one that creationists are adopting. Indeed, only today the BHA has reported on another creationist school being given the thumbs-up. You can participate in the BHA's campaigns against creationism here.

How should I have presented this better, and which other Humanist issues are in need of the numbers treatment?