Monday, 26 March 2012

Heathen - Just Another Label?

A Venn  Diagram of the tenets of a "Heathen".  Click to embiggen.

I thought I'd have have a go at doing a Venn-diagram of Julian Baggini's "Heathen" in comparison with other labels used to describe atheists and their kin.  From first inspection, "Humanist" covers all but two of the commitments in Baggini's manifesto.  Do you agree?


  1. 2-7 don't necessarily apply to atheissm. Atheists can have these properties, but do not necessarily. Atheism is the absence of religious belief and nothing more.

  2. I went by the attitudes people have who "identify" as atheist, rather than the definition in the strictest sense. Perhaps I should have done this, though, to better illustrate the point!